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If I wanted music I'd go to u-toob.

-5K Cheseeyburgsurgerbergurcunts.

AbbazabaClock responds:

So get off MY FLASH >:O

Stop,,,,make it STOP!!!!!!!

-10,000 Cheeseburger deduction.

Good animation but damn stick fighting movies. : /

No Cheeseburgers 4 u doc.


That was the most annoying song (if that's what you call it) I've heard. Don't ever use voices like that again. Thanks. No cheeseburger for your gullet.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

I don't believe you truly understood the deep existentialist meaning of this flash. Don't you see it? The dancer is stuck dancing for the rest of eternity, but why? For what purpose? Yet he keeps on dancing. He dances happily. Such an act can be applied to our lives. We work everyday, we continue to wake each morning and go through the same routine. Is this no different than our hopeless dancer? And his song, how can that song be interpreted? Perhaps it is a cry for help. Or maybe he's happy with his fate of eternal dance. Who knows? This dancer will continue to dance for all eternity, without once thinking of stopping. Can't you possibly see the deep meaning behind it all? No. You're too much of an ignorant peon to truly see the deep surreal meaning behind this piece of art.

It truly is a shame that I can't get a real, mature audience on this site.


I didn't really understand this movie...it wasn't bad besides the misunderstanding though. Keep it up. Next time make the characters have pupils instead of empty white voids. It looks a little gothic. You get a bite of a cheeseburger.

Mutant-Enemy responds:

Thanks man... Don't really see whats not to get.. but thanks.

I'm going to have to agree with bkdude.

I can't really say this is a good movie mainly because of the fact that you represented all alien existence as "beaners". I don't think all aliens are taco eating job stealers. *(Please note: Not all mexicans do these actions)* NO CHEESEBURGER!

Tal-man responds:

are you yourself a "beaner". cause if you are i got some lawnwork that needs to be done.

Pretty cool!

I like this flash because of all the sweet ass midi bliss! I can't express how much I love old nostalgic music! Keep it up man,...the humor wasn't half bad either. I actually chuckled a bit! You definitely get rewarded with a cheeseburger!

Gunstar-X responds:

None of the songs were Midis. They were all downloaded and/or ripped from the games themselves.

I don't like this!

You are a corny ass mother fuck! I don't like your pathetic 5th grade humor...ass! Don't ever make anything this damn lame ever again! EVER! No damn cheeseburger for you!

Absolutely awesome!

That was awesome man, good work. When's "Steve 3" comin' to town brotha'?!?

mr-a responds:

Plannin' on it soon, beeyotch!


Dude the ending ruined the whole thing! It was cool until the end!

I'll hit you in the neck with a cheeseburger!

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